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March 4th - April 12th

Class Information

• Classes run for 6 weeks with a 2 week breaks between classes.

• Classes meet twice a week for 1 1/2 hours each class.

• In the first week of class you will receive a novel and class packet.

Beginner Classes

Story learning is a process that is based on how human beings naturally learn their native language. It uses the power of story to teach you Spanish from the very beginning.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate levels helps engage in authentic meaningful conversations that go beyond simple phrases. Lots of exposure to real, natural Spanish to help you reach fluency.

Advanced Classes

Becoming advanced in Spanish requires you to learn vocabulary and phrases. Conversational connectors and Spanish idioms will help you not only keep the conversation going, but sound more natural while you do it.

Online Classes

Online classes so that you can learn spanish from anywhere in the world. I offer 1:1 and group sessions. Please Contact me for more information