Current Session: October 16 - November 24

¡Hola! My name is Ana Luisa and I will be your teacher during our time together. I have been teaching Spanish in Cuenca since 2015 and studied tourism at university where I learned about the Natural Approach for teaching and learning languages.

I love to travel and I enjoy sharing the richness of Ecuadorian culture (especially while teaching). I have been selected as the best Spanish teacher and Spanish school in Cuenca by our local community at GringoPost since 2015 and will continue to provide a great experience for my students in the future as well.

¡Te veo en clases!

Class details:

All classes are 6 weeks and meet twice a week for 1 hour 30 minutes each session.
All students will receive 2 novels to read and 1 material packet.
There is an optional cultural event for students once each semester.

Class times are subject to change but they will be updated here and students will be notified before classes begin.

beginner Classes:

Story learning is a process that is based on how human beings naturally learn their native language. It uses the power of story to teach you Spanish from the very beginning.


  • Alphabet
  • Adjectives
  • Regular verbs
  • Numbers
  • Phonetics - Pronunciation
  • Basic grammatical structure
  • Every day situation vocabulary
  • start day 1&start day 2

  • Irregular verbs (Present tense)
  • Immediate future
  • Progressive form
  • Interrogative words
  • Impersonal sentences
  • Comparatives & Superlatives
  • Possessive adjectives & pronouns
  • start day 1&start day 2

  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Imperative
  • Por vs Para
  • Regular Past tense
  • Indefinite adjectives & pronouns
  • Verbs like gustar
  • The Diminutive & the Augmentative
  • start day 1&start day 2
    intermediate Classes:

    Intermediate levels help to engage in authentic and meaningful conversations that go beyond the simple phrases, lots of exposure to real, natural Spanish to help you reach fluency.


  • The Preterit:
  • Tense (regular & irregular verbs)
  • Express a completed action and a series of completed actions
  • Express a condition that is no longer in effect
  • Verbs with special meanings in the Preterit
  • DO and IO pronouns
  • start day 1&start day 2

  • Preterit (Past tense for events)
  • Imperfect tense (Past tense for descriptions)
  • Preterit & Imperfect Compared
  • Different uses of SE
  • Active & Passive voice
  • Prepositions
  • To know - different equivalents
  • start day 1&start day 2

  • The present perfect
  • The past perfect
  • The future
  • The conditional
  • Prepositional phrases
  • To become
  • Connectors
  • start day 1&start day 2

  • This class is to prepare you to transition to the advanced level
  • We will focus on pronunciation and add to our vocabulary
  • We will read newspaper articles to address current topics in our coversation and related vocabulary
  • General review and work with any exisiting grammar issues
  • start day 1&start day 2
    advanced Classes:

    Becoming Advanced in Spanish requires you to learn vocabulary and phrases. Conversational connectors and Spanish idioms will not only help you keep the conversation going, but sound more natural while you do it.


  • This class is focused on reading a novel and analzying the different grammatical topics in context
  • Conversation and opinions on different social, cultural, historical issues that the book deals with and compare them with current issues
  • Review and practice of the subjunctive
  • start day 1&start day 2

  • This class is for advanced students to practice conversation and correcting any weak areas
  • We will use local sources, and podcasts for our additional material
  • Discuss and talk about current social and cultural issues
  • start day 1&start day 2
    Online Classes:

    If you are not in Cuenca or are unable to attend our classes in person I also offer 1:1 online classes.
    Please contact me for more information.