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Ana Luisa

Spanish Educator

Professional Profile

My name is Ana Luisa. I studied tourism at university and I love traveling. I also love the Spanish language! While studying education, I came across the Natural Approach language acquisition method, which revolutionized the way I thought about teaching Spanish. I realized that using my education was the perfect key to share the richness of Ecuadorian culture as well as educate my students on the Spanish language.

I have experience guiding groups throughout our communities as well as with helping students learn the Spanish language through cultural activities and visits to rural communities. I have taught Spanish for twelve years and I love what I do!

During the year we have six sessions of classes. Each one is 6 weeks in length followed by a two weeks break period. Each class includes 18 hours of instruction and meets twice per week for 1.5 hours. We also offer a cultural workshop for each session, as well as a group trip at the end of the session. Most of the trips we take are to an indigenous community. In addition, at the end of the year we have two weeks of conversational practice.

What do you need to learn spanish?

  1. Motivation: to keep practicing
  2. Focus: to effectively learn
  3. Time: for the concepts to sink in

Language is best taught when it is being used to transmit meaningful, important messages.

The activities in class have these elements: comprehension, interest and involvement, and meaningful repetition.

Our classes focus on the systematic instruction of vocabulary in a highly comprehensible, personalized, and contextualized manner. Each class has practical features that will help you grow leaps and bounds in your understanding of Ecuadorian culture and the Spanish language through our teaching of cultural context, current events and everyday conversational situations.


Our classes focus on speaking (communicative competence) starting from beginner levels. This approach helps students learn in a natural way. We teach reading, storytelling, vocabulary, and grammar in context. Classes provide a special focus on repetition, conversational skills, and making new friends. Each class has practical features that help students grow leaps and bounds in their understanding of the Spanish language as well as Ecuadorian culture through the teaching of cultural context, current events and everyday conversational situations.

What Our Students Say

I didn't think it was possible for me to learn Spanish,
but I am because of Ana Luisa. I highly recommend.


Michele Student

You do more than teach us the language. Because you love what you do, we love it too. And then, you help us to see the life in this new city, this new countryside of ours. When you show us the life and culture of la gente, we see our own lives in new ways.
How cool is that!


Sanford Student

The classes are taught quickly to keep us attentive and yet there is always a quick pause for una pregunta. Ana is always watching for understanding, giving information and waiting to see if all are getting it. She has three methods going at once, listening, seeing and hearing.


Suzanne Student

We are in our third series of classes with Ana Luisa and are amazed every class with her enthusiasm to help us learn Spanish. She makes the classes challenging but fun, is patient but encourages us to try more. She also offers cultural information and interesting field trips. If you are looking for an outstanding teacher, look no further.

Lorraine Theodos Student

Are you wanting to learn Spanish, or improve your current level? I highly recommend Ana Luisa. I have taken two of her classes- one when she taught with a very popular Spanish class in Cuenca, and one since she branched off on her own. Ana Luisa is an excellent t teacher who has a lot of patience with her students. She uses a lot of repetition to help us learn how to read, write, speak and understand Spanish. Class is fun - It is a nice social time, and has helped me make some friends, as I am still a newbie. Another class will be starting in a few weeks. I hope to meet some of you there.

Tammy Doty Student

Ana, you are very positive and encouraging. You made learning pleasant and non-threatening.

Nancy Thornton Student

Class was very structured and well managed. A lot of review, hat was very helpful. Ana’s enthusiasm non critical style encourage participation and learning.

Ben Helms Student

The teacher had a flexible but clear agenda. Easy to follow.

Dwight Greene Student

Ana is very patient and helpful. The course helped me to integrate various parts of the language.

Marc Cross Student

Explains clearly, patient, you have a good sense of humor which makes the class fun.

Susan Swanson Student

The course is organized and the teacher is very structured, which helps me to learn

Naomi Herndon Student

Clarity in the language and understanding Spanish and seeing it in a better light are the strengths

Lila Hendricks Student

Very encouraging, patient, supportive, affirming, fun

Lisa Jaffe Student

After three other teachers, Ana made it possible for me to pull everything I learned from the other teachers. All I learned from the others finally made sense

Liane Rawlings Student

Incorporated all aspects of learning. Vocabulary, grammar, reading, comprehension. Teacher is excellent, attentive, pushes students to learn, interact and speak

Steve Dow Student

We are pushed beyond our limits. (this is good)

Phil Martin Student

You are always very good at making it feel like a comfortable class, no matter the size, big or small. People don´t feel judged. You are able to roll with whatever questions come your way. Your teaching style is wonderful

Cheryl Baldwin Student

She engaged the students willingly and without making them feel inferior. Ana brought humor and kindness to the classroom. Always exercised a strong skillset and precision in her language

Mary Finertz Student